Further Drone Applications for the Modern Age

Infrastructure Inspection:

The broad use of drones in the infrastructure industry is quite promising, as these little flying machines can reach places impossible for humans to reach. For example, inspecting wind turbines, bridges, or railway lines would cost thousands of dollars and weeks on end. Using a drone make it safer, cheaper, and quicker than any other possible method.


Farmers need a miracle, and drones could be what they need. Drones will help agriculture producers:

  • Plan seed planting patterns using accurate 3D maps.
  • Cost-effecting planting, as modern drone-planting systems can decrease farming costs by 85 percent.
  • Spraying crops with the right amount of pesticide at the right altitude. Expert favor this method will because it is five times faster than standard machinery.
  • Crop monitoring is especially painful for vast fields, but not with drones. Now, farmers can monitor their crop more accurately than using satellite images.
  • Drones equipped with special sensors can detect when the crop need irrigation. The drones can scan the field and determine which parts needs more attention.
  • Drones can also scan the crop and trees for fungus and other pests. It gives the farmers the ability to combat plan diseases at their early stages.

Drone technology is a blessing to farmers, as it delivers key benefits that help them solve major problems. There are more mouths to feed today, and the numbers are snowballing. In addition, climate changes pose a threat to farming.

Transport Industry:

In 2013, Amazon announced its drone delivery system “Prime Air,” and on December 7, 2016, delivered its first package. While the service is available for a limited number of consumers, it won’t be along until it is widely available. But first, Amazon needs to convince the FAA that it is a safe technology, which is a work in progress.

Amazon says that it is testing several drone prototypes in international locations including Australia and Israel. Alphabet is also experimenting with drone delivery through its Project Wing.

In the military, drone delivery already is helping deliver thousands of pounds of cargo. That’s millions of dollars saved on heavy machinery working on risky missions.

In Dubai, flying taxis are taking off, with the test drive of two new models. All in all, the drone technology has a great potential to impact the transport industry big time.

With all these possibilities hovering on the horizon, the prospect of the sky filling with buzzing drones of all types is not that far. The drone technology is bringing many promises to different industries and with it a likely economic boom heralding the fourth revolution. No questions about it, it is just a matter of time.

Writen by Josephine Berry